Together May We Bring Harmony

Shamanism refers to traditional healing practices of indigenous people. In many cases, these traditions have persisted for thousands of years. The shamanic perspective values balance and harmony above all, and holds all existence as sacred. Spirit Allies, such as power animals or light beings, are central to shamanic practice and are sources of help with spiritual matters and everyday issues.

My own journey with shamanic practice started quite organically. As I became gradually more aware of subtle energy, I also became more aware of the subtle energy beings who coexist with us. I began to communicate with them, and my life was changed forever!

Serendipity struck when I did a series of classes with an energy-work teacher who had studied Navaho practices in the American West. Through this contact, I realized that a study of shamanism was unfolding in me naturally. I was blessed to find an excellent local teacher, Ann Drake. A shaman with 40 years of experience, Ann’s background is primarily in the traditions of Borneo and Tibet, as well as core shamanism. I have continued my training with two teachers in Ireland – Owen Roberts and Majella Fagan. Their training has been in core shamanism and in the traditions of the Q’ero. I have also learned with Mama Coca Sylvia Calisqueya, a healer in the Peruvian Aymara tradition.

Shamanic practice has unfolded beautifully in my life, and also in my professional practice. As I learn more and more, shamanic methods and understandings weave themselves into my client sessions. It is a true adventure to connect with a client’s system and listen – to that person’s higher self and also to our Guides. Within that space of respectful listening, sessions come together beautifully to address the client’s particular needs.

I am passionate about shamanism, not just because it can improve an individual’s quality of life, but because it offers a path of healing for the planet. Values of balance, reciprocity, and complete sacredness are what helped many indigenous people create a sustainable way of life. Now, more than ever, we need to foster sustainability – the survival of our species depends upon us finding balance once again.

If you are interested in shamanism, I encourage you to pursue that interest. It’s a beautiful path, and one that is very much needed at this time. Please do make sure to get thorough training from an experienced practitioner/teacher, particularly if you want to do healing with other people or if you are inclined towards magical workings or influencing outcomes. Shamanism is similar to energy work in many ways. However, it is very different from practices like Reiki in that shamanism can cause harm. And generally, the person it harms is the practitioner – if they have not learned how to sufficiently protect themselves, or how to manage karmic risk.

There are many well-trained teachers out there, so follow your intuition and find yourself a good match! Any good program will begin with establishing adequate protection, developing self-responsibility, and building a shamanic way of life – so I advise you to seek those characteristics.

I am excited to be kicking off a shamanic studies group on May 20. This group is meant for those with little to no experience in shamanism. It will focus on self-development and shamanic awareness. The curriculum will include shamanic journeying, ceremony, calling in help, developing relationships with guides, deep cleansing, and building protection. For many students, this is an end in itself. For those interested in becoming shamanic practitioners, this group can provide a solid foundation for future training.

The group will meet virtually (via zoom) on Saturdays 4:00-7:00pm EST. Prospective members can try the first class on May 20 without registering, and I will be accepting new members through early June. Feel free to contact me for more information.

Wherever your path takes you, I wish you balance, and I wish you joy. Together may we bring harmony to our planet, to our communities, and to our lives!

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