“After four decades of attending workshops and post-graduate seminars, Clara is one of the best professional teachers I’ve met. She has researched extensively and provides a compelling historical account of Reiki and at the same time gently guides her students to new levels of understanding of life force energy. She’s a phenomenal teacher. If you can get in, take her workshop!”     — Dawn M., Administrator

Saturday Self-Care Online

Saturdays, 11:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. EST,  January 30 and February 27.

“Thank you so much, that was a fantastic session, I felt wonderful all day!” — ML, Social Worker

Just because times are stressful doesn’t mean that you have to be stressed out! Traditional healing practices include many strategies for mitigating stress, increasing health, and continuing to live well despite difficult conditions. On Saturday mornings, 11:00am – 12:30pm EST, I present effective, easy exercises for creating health and managing stress. I share my favorite techniques from Eden Energy, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Reiki and energy psychology.

Join us for 90 minutes on Zoom and gain useful strategies you can use now and for years to come. No prior knowledge is needed and the workshop is great for busy folks who want simple, practical help! These workshops are open and free to all, donations gratefully accepted (Paypal, Venmo or check).

Saturday, January 30 – Energy Body First Aid. 11:00am – 12:30pm EST. We all experience moments of overwhelm. What can we do for ourselves in those moments to calm ourselves, to more quickly return to balance, and to be able to respond better? Traditional healing practices give us wonderful options for returning to a more relaxed and integrated state, and many of these techniques are easy and quick. Life feels so much more manageable when we have go-to practices for these difficult moments! To register, simply contact me and I will send you the link. Open and free to all, donations gratefully accepted (Paypal, Venmo or check).

Saturday, February 27Acupoint Tapping for Emotional Release.  11:00am – 12:30pm EST. I have found acupoint tapping techniques, such as EFT, to be among the very best methods for calming and also for processing difficult emotions. We will go through a full tapping sequence, and materials will be available for participants to be able to use the technique later on their own.  This workshop is free, with donations gratefully accepted (PayPal, Venmo, or check). To register, simply contact me and I will send you the link. Open and free to all, donations gratefully accepted (Paypal, Venmo or check).

Help for your Daily Practice

Energy Body Self-Care Support Group. It’s not always easy to start a new habit. As a teacher of Reiki and other energy-balancing methods, I have heard many times, “I feel great when I do it, but somehow it’s hard for me to do it consistently.” This group provides support to those who wish to start a daily practice of Reiki, meditation, or other form of energy body self-care, and also to those who wish to change their daily practice. My approach is gentle and practical; many of us have challenging schedules and complicated lives, and a method that works for one person may not work for another. Each person’s practice must be fitted individually, and challenges to consistent practice must be dealt with compassionately and constructively. During each virtual meeting we will practice a brief meditative or energy-balancing technique, I will present tips for establishing routines, and members will have the opportunity to check in about their situation and get help and encouragement. Sliding scale $60-$90 for the entire series (6 sessions), meeting virtually via Zoom (PayPal, Venmo, or check). To register, simply contact me. 6 Thursdays, 2:00-3:00 pm EST, January 28 – March 4.

Classes to Explore the World of Energy

Space Clearing. Have you ever walked into a building or a room and immediately wanted to walk back out again? Or have you found that particular spaces bring a sense of lightness and calm? Our energies affect the spaces where we live and work, and spaces can become overburdened with congested energies. These energies, in turn, affect us. The good news is that energy in spaces can be balanced and transformed. Traditional healing practices offer a wide variety of methods for improving the character and the flow of energies in buildings. In this 90-minute virtual class, we cover the basics of clearing energy and bringing light into spaces. A variety of techniques are presented, for flexibility and ease of use. Attendees will gain the ability to create a better energetic environment in their homes and offices. Sliding scale $20-$30 (PayPal, Venmo, or check). To register, simply contact me. Two separate classes: Thursday, January 28, 10:00-11:30am EST, or Saturday, February 6, 4:00-5:30 pm EST.

Angels and Guides. We are never alone. Light beings coexist with us. Some are angels, divine beings of the light realms. Some are animal spirits and other beings linked with the consciousness of the planet. We share the middle world, this planet earth, with nature spirits and a diverse group of beings that are not physically embodied. For millennia, humans have perceived these beings and have sought harmonious relationships with them. Working with light beings can enrich one’s spiritual experience and provide support through the many challenges of life. These beings can give us practical help, and they are tremendous allies for energy workers. In this 90-minute virtual class, we will explore the variety of light beings present in the universe and ways to connect with them. Sliding scale $20-$30 (PayPal, Venmo, or check). To register, simply contact me. Two separate classes: Thursday, February 25, 10:00-11:30am EST, or Saturday, March 6, 4:00-5:30 pm EST.

Shamanic Journey Circle. In many shamanic traditions, we speak of three worlds. The lower world is the consciousness of the planet herself. The upper world is the angelic realm. The middle world is where we live, here on planet Earth. Shamanic traditions include methods for us to travel to other worlds, such as drumming to create a state of mind conducive to journeying. In this 90-minute virtual class, we will journey to the shamanic lower world and meet spirit guides, such as power animals, who can help us with everyday issues and spiritual matters. Sliding scale $20-$30 (PayPal, Venmo, or check). To register, simply contact me. Two separate classes: Thursday, March 25, 10:00-11:30am EST, or Saturday, April 3, 4:00-5:30 pm EST.

Virtual Reiki 1

“I am so happy Clara is offering her courses virtually. There couldn’t be a better time to learn this powerful modality for reducing stress and anxiety. Learning from home in a small group format was highly enjoyable. The course material was clear and concise, making it easy to incorporate Reiki into my life immediately. When I am feeling stressed or overwhelmed, I perform self-Reiki. It promotes a feeling of inner calm and peace, and Reiki before bed helps me sleep through the night. I have also used Reiki for pain relief for myself and my family, with success. I highly recommend Clara’s online Reiki 1!” — Suzanne F.

Reiki can be learned by anyone, and is a beautiful way to care for self and others. Employing light touch, Reiki sessions bring universal energies into the body to gently balance the system and increase vitality. Reiki is an excellent complementary method for many conditions, and can be very effective for stress reduction, immune boosting, and illness and injury recovery.

I teach in one of the most traditional and thorough Reiki styles. Reiki 1 curriculum includes self-treatment, treating other people, and treating animals and plants.

Now is a time when we need Reiki more than ever. In the spirit of accessibility, I am offering Reiki 1 online by videochat. The class consists of 5 online small-group online meetings of 2 hours each. Handouts are sent ahead of time and brief, pleasant homework is given between meetings. Tuition is sliding scale $125-$200. Taught on 5 consecutive Sunday afternoons, 1:00-3:00 EST, February 21 – March 21. To register, or for more information, you can contact me via this website.

“I loved Reiki 1 and would recommend this class to anyone. The pace was perfect with hands on and lecture. The time flew by.”     — Carrie F.

Virtual Reiki 2

“I thought it would be hard to do distant Reiki, but it turned out to be fairly easy, once I knew the procedures. Then I thought that it would just be able to induce a little bit of relaxation, but it appeared to have substantial effects. Distant Reiki helped my cat, who was a traumatized rescue, become more comfortable with me and her new home. I also shared distant Reiki with my niece, who was having health challenges and emotional upset. She felt the treatments, and told me that she was emotionally clearer afterwards. She was able to be more calm as she navigated through the medical system.”

My branch of Reiki is unusual in that Reiki 2 includes complete traditional procedures for increasing energy transmission, for distant treatment, and for mental and emotional treatment. Our distant procedures allow specific and effective treatment of people and animals, regardless of their location. Our mental and emotional techniques allow sending a targeted positive message to a recipient in order to replace destructive thoughts and encourage habit change. Reiki 2 techniques can be used on others and on oneself and are important tools for better health and personal growth.

Reiki 2 is available to my Reiki 1 graduates, or to others from a similar Reiki lineage with my permission. The class consists of 5 online small-group online meetings of 2 hours each. Handouts are sent ahead of time and brief, pleasant homework is given between meetings. Tuition is sliding scale $200-$350. My next Reiki class will be in spring 2021. If you’re interested, please contact me via this website.

“Reiki 2 was an outstanding professional workshop filled with comprehensive information and time to practice. Clara always brings enthusiasm to her classes!”

Support for Reiki Practitioners

I am committed to providing ongoing support for my students. Our connection to Reiki continues to grow gradually, with ongoing practice and contact with our teachers.

Reiki 2 Practice in an online meeting open to my Reiki 2 graduates.  We begin with self-care and meditation, then we check in and collaborate to Reiki-treat individuals and situations. I am generally available for those who wish to stay for reiju. Cost is sliding fee $0-$30, payable through PayPal, Venmo, or by check. RSVPs are appreciated but not required. If you need the zoom link, simply contact me. Twice a month on Sundays, 4:00-5:30 pm EST, January 3, January 17, February 7, February 21. Once a month on Sundays, 1:00-2:30 pm EST, January 10 and February 14. Once a month on Saturdays, 11:00am-12:30pm EST, January 16 and February 13. Once a month on Thursdays, 10:00-11:30 am EST, January 14 and February 11.

Focus on Animals. Once a month on Sundays at 5:00-6:30pm EST, January 24 and February 28. Working with animals brings special challenges and special rewards. Many Reiki practitioners treat their own or other animals, either hands-on or distance. In this Reiki 2 practice, a particular case will be presented and discussed, we will distance treat together, and then we will share impressions. Cost is sliding fee $0-$25, payable through PayPal, Venmo, or by check. RSVPs are appreciated but not required. If you need the zoom link, simply contact me.

Saturday Self-Care meetings (see description above) may also be of interest. During these, we discuss and practice a variety of forms of energy work and learn new skills.

Student Consults. Students often have detailed questions about self-treatment or about treating loved ones. During consults, we talk about the issues that are arising, if appropriate I do a distance treatment, and then recommendations are given for the student’s ongoing self-treatment or for treatment of the loved one. This can help to increase effectiveness of treatment. Special hourly rates for consults are available to my students.

If you would like to attend support meetings but find that they do not fit into your schedule, feel free to let me know. You are probably not the only one! I am flexible with my scheduling and we might be able to accommodate your needs through a schedule shift or by scheduling another meeting at a different time.

“From the first moment I stepped into Clara’s class, I felt her compassionate and generous energy flowing toward her students. Her knowledge, skill, and connection to the lineage of Reiki created a learning experience that was genuine and comprehensive. I feel confident and supported in treating myself and others with Reiki.”     — Meghan S., Teacher

If you are interested in energy healing sessions during this time, please note that I am offering distant sessions. Please see my Distant page for more information.

I look forward to offering in-person classes when it is safe enough:

Reiki Kids Class 

My Reiki Kids Class includes a traditional multi-step Reiki attunement along with instruction in a kid-friendly format. It is taught in 4 brief modules over the course of 2 days. Each module includes 15 minutes of discussion, attunements done individually or in small groups so that children needn’t sit still for long, and 30 minutes of hands-on practice. Children have an opportunity to take breaks and move around as needed. As a former preschool and after school teacher, I feel strongly that children should enjoy their Reiki class!

In general, this class is appropriate for children ages 5-12. Children will learn how to treat themselves and other people for calming and for recent injuries. They will also learn how to treat pets and plants and how to Reiki-charge stones, food, and water.

Child students should have an adult in their life who is trained in Reiki. If you are not Reiki trained but are interested in Reiki education for your children, please contact me to discuss possibilities.

Tuition $80 per child student. All children must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult. Small classes can be scheduled in various locations upon request. To inquire, please contact me.

Reiki Practices

Reiki Practices are available for my class graduates. During these sessions, students practice with each other under my supervision. Everyone has the opportunity to ask questions and share their Reiki experiences. A Reiki class is only the beginning! It is in the practice of Reiki that our connection grows, and having the support of an instructor and a Reiki community can be very helpful.

Student Reiki Clinics

My class graduates can participate in community clinics. Members of the public come to receive Reiki and Reiki class graduates give sessions under my supervision. This is a wonderful way to share Reiki, to give to the community, to hone Reiki skills, and to meet other Reiki practitioners. After successful clinics in late 2019 and early 2020, we are taking a brief hiatus. I hope to schedule regular clinics again beginning in autumn of 2020.

Chakra and Aura Class

In this class we explore the energy body, including chakras and the aura, through discussion, scanning, and practice. This class has two parts. The morning session is open to the public, and the afternoon session is open to my Reiki 1 class graduates. In the morning session, a variety of chakra theories are introduced, including those of John Gray, Brugh Joy, and Donna Eden. We practice methods of scanning the energy body to detect where attention is needed in the aura and chakra system. During the afternoon session, which is open to my Reiki 1 class graduates, we discuss ways to incorporate awareness of the energy body into Reiki sessions. The day will culminate with exchanging full treatments that include new understanding and skills.

Crystal Classes and Events

Crystals for Well-Being and Transformation. Crystals can be amazing allies in our search for wellness. Not only are they beautiful and infinitely varied, but their ability to transmit natural resonances adds a powerful dimension to our healing practices. In this class, we cover the basics of how to choose, use, and care for crystals, including understanding the properties of popular stones, finding the best stones for your individual needs, using crystals to energetically clear spaces, using crystals for physical and emotional wellness, and keeping stones in good condition.

Crystals and Reiki. Incorporating crystals into Reiki sessions can boost effectiveness by bringing in positive natural resonances and by encouraging healthy flow and structure in the energy body. In this class, we practice choosing the best stones for Reiki treatment of self and others, placing stones optimally, and giving crystal-enhanced Reiki treatments. Prerequisites: Clara’s Reiki 1 class and her Crystals for Well-Being and Transformation class, or individual permission.

If you are interested in crystals, you may want to attend a Crystal Healing Group Session. Using crystal healing, Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Eden Energy work, these small group sessions bring people together to receive treatment in a powerful healing space. The small group format allows me to provide individualized treatment to each group member, while the energy of the group intensifies the effects. The emphasis of these sessions is spiritual transformation and deep relaxation. $40 per person. Check back later or contact me for more information.