“After four decades of attending workshops and post-graduate seminars, Clara is one of the best professional teachers I’ve met. She has researched extensively and provides a compelling historical account of Reiki and at the same time gently guides her students to new levels of understanding of life force energy. She’s a phenomenal teacher. If you can get in, take her workshop!”     — Dawn M., Administrator

Reiki 1 Class.  Reiki can be learned by anyone, and is a beautiful way to care for self and others. Employing light touch, Reiki sessions bring universal energies into the body to gently balance the system and increase vitality.

Reiki is an excellent complementary method for many conditions, and can be extremely effective for recent injuries. Reiki can also be used independently for health maintenance and stress management.

I teach in one of the most traditional and thorough Reiki styles. Reiki 1 curriculum includes self-treatment, treating other people, and treating animals and plants. It is taught over two full days with plenty of hands-on practice.

Reiki 1 Classes at Lifegate Holistic Living Center, Groton MA

Stay tuned for upcoming classes this spring.

Tuition $250. To register, go to Lifegate web page and page down to reach the community education classes. For more information, please contact me.

Reiki 1 in North Andover

Stay tuned for upcoming classes this spring.

Small Reiki 1 classes can be scheduled in various locations upon request.

Curious About Reiki Open Houses.  If you would like to know more about Reiki, attend one of our info sessions at Lifegate Holistic Living Center in Groton, MA. Free demo and question/answer session, plus you can also sign up for 30-minute Reiki sessions for $20. To register, please contact me.

Reiki 1 Support Group.  The Reiki support group is available to graduates of my Reiki 1 classes. Over the course of 4 afternoons, participants practice Reiki 1 skills and receive support for ongoing treatment of self and others. This group is highly recommended for fully incorporating the benefits of Reiki into daily life.  $200. For more information, please contact me.

“From the first moment I stepped into Clara’s class, I felt her compassionate and generous energy flowing toward her students. Her knowledge, skill, and connection to the lineage of Reiki created a learning experience that was genuine and comprehensive. I feel confident and supported in treating myself and others with Reiki.”     — Meghan S., Teacher

Reiki 2 Class.  My branch of Reiki is almost unique in that Reiki 2 includes complete traditional procedures for increasing energy transmission, for distant treatment, and for mental and emotional treatment. Our distant procedures allow specific and effective treatment of people and animals, regardless of their location. Our mental and emotional techniques allow sending a targeted positive message to a recipient in order to replace destructive thoughts and encourage habit change. Reiki 2 techniques can be used on others and on oneself and are important tools for better health and personal growth.  Reiki 2 is taught in one evening and two full days. $500. Prerequisites: Reiki 1 with me. For more information, please contact me.

“I loved Reiki 1 and would recommend this class to anyone. The pace was perfect with hands on and lecture. The time flew by.”     — Carrie F.