Most traditional welness practices include the ability to do energy work across great distances. Some disciplines connect to a healing recipient through a photograph or physical description. Shamans commonly create a facsimile of a person and work on the facsimile in order to affect the person. Currently, thousands of people around the world are trained in Reiki 2 procedures that allow a practitioner to call in an energetic link to a person and deliver a session.

“I was out of town and came down with a violent GI bug in the middle of the night. My liver was swollen and I was having severe pain, nausea, diarrhea, sweats and anxiety. After a very rough night, I called Clara to see if she could do a distant session to help. After her session, the liver pain began to ease considerably and the nausea/diarrhea stopped completely. I improved with each hour that passed and was able to go to work and be productive all day without any issues. A bonus was that I had been having some sacroiliac joint tenderness that I had not even mentioned, but noticed that it was gone that day. Later she told me that she had perceived an issue around the SI joint so included it in her session. I was so grateful! This situation so beautifully illustrates how efficient and effective her distant work is. She’s definitely on my speed dial!”     — Michelle O’Neill, MD

For several years, I have been providing distance sessions to my clients. I greatly enjoy this work and have found that distance clients receive benefits equal to those receiving hands-on sessions. My training is in Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, Shamanism, and Eden Energy work. All of these methods routinely provide effective distance treatment. Distance sessions can be performed for animals, as well as for people. It is also possible to bring healing light into a situation, a project, an event, or even a place using distance treatment procedures.

Being able to work from a distance has always been a useful feature of energy work. I believe that energy methods have a unique role to play. Currently, many people are reluctant to access their usual holistic care, such as chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and reflexology.

My rates for distant work are on a sliding fee of $60-$100 per hour. The amount of work needed will vary according to an individual’s needs. The services page provides more information about the particular methods that I offer. If you are interested in distance energy work, please feel free to contact  me. I would be happy to schedule a session or speak with you about your needs.

I am also offering Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes virtually on Zoom, on an individual or small group basis. Please see the classes page for more information.

“Clara’s distant Reiki work has been a lifesaver for my elderly cat, Frankie.  He has recurrent cystitis that can cause a great deal of pain and distress. Clara is able to help him release congestion in the urinary system and after her sessions I see marked improvement of symptoms and much shorter durations of the episodes. Her work is so varied and unique. She adjusts according to the need, situation and desire of the client. In addition to the regular sessions, she has done deep work with him to release grief and fear from when he was a kitten and has also done more targeted “mini-sessions” for support and grounding during boarding. He is thriving and absolutely loves the time with her and he enthusiastically “tells me” when it’s time for another session. I wasn’t sure if he’d like the distant work but he actually seems to prefer connecting in that way instead of in person. Her work is so valuable to us and has become a cornerstone of Frankie’s wellness regimen. I don’t know what we’d do without her!”   — S.N.