Distant energy work is currently available 

Most traditional healing practices include distant work, and Reiki is notable in its thorough and reliable teaching of distant healing procedures. All of my services — Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and Transformative Energy Work — are available as distant sessions, on a sliding fee scale of $60-100 per hour. Please see below for more information about my services, or visit the Distant page for a further explanation about distant energy work.

I am also offering virtual Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes for individuals or small groups. Please see the classes page for more information.

Individual Sessions

“My back is vulnerable from having previous disc problems. I was in a minor car accident recently and could barely move because of pain and stiffness in my back. After a Reiki session later that same day, I was in no pain. The remaining stiffness was gone the following day.”     — Larry P.

9 hands Reiki – 60 – 90 minutes @ $60-$100 PER HOUR sliding fee 

Reiki is a gentle, nurturing form of hands-on healing. Excellent for stress management, injury repair, and health maintenance, Reiki is an effective complementary care method for many conditions. A session involves light touch with the client fully clothed, and is generally performed on a bodywork table. Most people find Reiki to be very relaxing. My sessions are well-grounded in a traditional Reiki style that preserves original teachings.

Jin Shin Jyutsu – 60 minutes @ $60-$100 sliding fee

This Japanese healing art releases tensions that cause symptoms in body and mind. When our energy pathways become blocked, we can experience a variety of symptoms, including disease and pain. Through light touch, Jin Shin Jyutsu facilitates connection, awakening our natural ability to harmonize and balance ourselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Transformative Energy Sessions – 60 – 90 minutes @ $60-$100 PER HOUR sliding fee

Using the Eden Energy method, along with elements of Reiki, Jin Shin Jyutsu, and crystal healing, these sessions are tailored to the individual needs of the client. Transformative energy work can assist with many issues, from physical ailments such as pain and injury recovery, to emotional issues such as anxiety and trauma. These sessions are an elegant and practical way to facilitate spiritual growth, jump-start physical and emotional healing, and work through blockages to life fulfillment.

Shamanic Healing Sessions – 90 – 120 minutes @ $60-$100 PER HOUR sliding fee

Shamanic sessions bring a wealth of traditional techniques to address the client’s needs. Energy balancing, energy extraction, soul retrieval, karmic healing, ancestral work, and communication with spirits and guides are all possible components of shamanic sessions. Traditional shamanic work is uniquely suited to reaching the root cause of issues that may manifest physically, emotionally, relationally, or spiritually. My sessions are grounded in thorough shamanic training, primarily in traditions of Borneo and Tibet.

Tarot Healing Sessions – 2-2.5 hours @ $60-$100 PER HOUR sliding fee

The tarot is a system of visual symbols that functions like a language, and that utilizes archetypes to access deep aspects of ourselves. A tarot reader is fluent in this language and is able to work with the cards to bring a client’s attention to unperceived aspects of a situation. In a tarot healing session, we use tarot cards to gain understanding of an issue in the client’s life. We then use various forms of energy work and/or shamanic practice to balance and transform the energies associated with that issue. This powerful combination can help a client to shift patterns at a profound level. These sessions are not “tarot readings” and do not involve future predictions or advice.

“Clara has been so very helpful to me. I came to Clara knowing that I needed to figure out why I kept having headaches when I got stressed. She introduced me to techniques that help me relax and reduce my body’s responses to stress so that my headaches either do not happen or are very minimal. She helped me develop my spiritual connection which brought me more calm in my life. In addition to having many talents in her fields of expertise, she is compassionate and patient. I highly recommend her services.     — Martha Lindsay, Nutritionist

Learn to Self-Treat     Reiki self-treatment is a powerful way to manage stress, increase vitality, and contribute to the healing of chronic conditions. Attend a Reiki 1 class in order to learn self-treatment.  All classes are taught in small groups  and include thorough instruction and several hours of Reiki practice, so that students can gain a strong connection with Reiki energy and a secure understanding of the material.

Saturday self-care classes also provide methods of helping oneself. For more information, please see the Classes page.

“Clara taught me how to treat myself with Reiki a few years ago. Since then, I’ve used it many times for injuries. I’m amazed at how quickly cuts and bruises heal, and how quickly the pain goes away, just from holding the area and using Reiki!”     — Melissa C.

Energy work is complementary care. It is not medical treatment and is not a substitute for care from a licensed medical or psychological professional.