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Clara Diebold, MS

As an energy worker with more than 20 years of experience, my primary principle is to be guided by the client’s higher self and by the Light in order to provide care that is individualized, gentle, and effective. As a Reiki Teacher, I give each student the guidance they need to expand their unique connection with Reiki energy and to rediscover their innate healing abilities.

I began my Reiki training with John Harvey Gray, one of the original masters trained by Hawayo Takata. I continued with advanced instruction provided by Lourdes Gray, a highly-respected Reiki teacher in New England. I did my Reiki Master Teacher apprenticeship with Brian Brunius, who runs one of New York City’s most prominent Reiki centers. I am a certified teacher of Animal Reiki through Kathleen Prasad, a recognized expert and well-known author.

My master’s degree is in counseling and have worked in the fields of human services and education for 25 years. I have studied a variety of traditional wellness methods and I integrate these into my energy work sessions. I am a shamanic practitioner, having studied with Rand Gholson (Navaho tradition), Ann Drake, PsyD (Unani, Bornean, and Tibetan traditions) and the teaching team of Owen Roberts, PhD, and Majella Fagan (Peruvian Q’ero tradition and Core Shamanism).

I am trained in HBLU (Healing from the Body Level up), which combines NLP and energy work to mitigate the effects of trauma. I am also trained in Eden Energy, which focuses on balancing meridians, chakras, and other energy systems, and in Jin Shin Jyutsu, a Japanese modality that works with a variety of energy flows in the body. I am professionally certified in Tarot Consultation by Owen Roberts, PhD, through Green Tara College.

My experience as a practitioner and teacher has been rich and varied. I have learned how to teach flexibly and respond to the needs of students in the moment. I am committed to providing ongoing support for my students, so that they may continue to grow as people and as practitioners.

Using just one word, I can easily describe Clara’s energy work – brilliant! Her intuitive understanding of issues both large and small on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels is extraordinary. She draws upon solid training from numerous modalities, but what makes Clara’s work special is her ability to synthesize all of this learning with a deep understanding of the underlying relationships found in clients’ issues. Clara is my “go-to” healer. I wholeheartedly recommend her services!”     — Sheila Peters, Dance Instructor and Energy Medicine Practitioner

“Clara’s innate healing ability, comprehensive knowledge, and welcoming presence combine to deliver a truly uplifting treatment. She has helped me in ways that traditional medicine has not or could not.  I would recommend Clara to anyone who wishes to keep their vital flow of energy balanced, and especially to anyone who is looking for a positive path to relief.”     — Paula S.