Teaching Reiki in the Pandemic

When the Coronavirus arrived, I considered my situation and how I could continue to offer services to my clients and students. Energy work can be performed remotely, and so I was lucky to be able to continue working with many of my clients. I was able to meet virtually with my Reiki class graduates, so that they could continue to receive support from me and each other.

But teaching Reiki was another story. I didn’t know how well it would work to teach virtually. The group experience is so important to learning Reiki, as is the connection with the teacher. We perform attunements in Reiki classes, which involve working with the student’s energy body to create a deeper connection to sources of universal light. Could I effectively do all of this from a distance, virtually? And what would the best format be?

Luckily, I had a couple of friends who wanted to learn Reiki 1, and they were willing to try a virtual class. I sat down and planned my curriculum. I decided to teach 5 two-hour sessions, over 2-3 weeks, with practice and a bit of reading between sessions.

I was delighted to discover that the online format worked beautifully. The attunements seemed to function just the same at a distance as in-person — perhaps because I have many years of experience with distance healing. Although we missed each other’s physical presence, and we missed practicing with each other in-person, students practiced between sessions on themselves and their loved ones. From what students told me, as well as what I was able to feel emanating from them, it was clear that the attunements held. Their Reiki was strong and effective!

Based on this initial experience, I began to offer regular Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 classes virtually. At this point I have graduated quite a few people from online small-group classes. I hear from them regularly about how they are practicing Reiki and are helping themselves and others.

There are advantages to teaching and learning in this format. I am able to include students from across the country. I am able to include students with transportation challenges, with time constraints, or with disabilities that make a standard full-day format impossible. I can offer the class at a very reasonable rate because I don’t have to pay for room rental. Teaching across 2-3 weeks with practice between allows excellent, relevant questions to emerge. Students finish class with a strong understanding of Reiki and with a self-treatment routine already established.

Most importantly, students learn a powerful method for stress management, vitalizing the system, and boosting immunity — with 100% safety.

When the pandemic is over and we return to some degree of normality, I will joyfully return to teaching Reiki in person. And I will also continue my virtual Reiki classes, because now I can reach people who I couldn’t reach before.

Reiki is a gift of the Light. It has transformed my life. I am so grateful to Reiki and to the teachers who have come before me. There are those who say that Reiki should only be taught in-person, that teaching virtually is inappropriate and a distortion of Reiki. I respect their opinion. But one of my teachers wisely taught me that Reiki manifests differently through all of us, and that I need to be open to how it manifests through me.

We need the grace of Reiki now more than ever. We need peace in the midst of turmoil. Here I am, doing my best to interpret how Reiki wants to move through me, doing my best to share Mikao Usui’s beautiful gift with all those who want to receive it — including those who do not feel safe receiving it in person. I am here for anyone ready to bring themselves and others into the calming light.

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