Reiki for Recent Injury

5Over and over again, I’ve seen excellent results treating recent injuries with Reiki. One client came in to a session shaking and pale from a fall. He left breathing normally, walking steadily, and with color in his cheeks.

Another client had severe back pain after a car accident. He was barely able to move and was very worried about his condition. After the first treatment, he was able to move more comfortably. After the second treatment, he was pain-free.

Injuries anywhere in the body and of any degree of severity generally respond well to Reiki – from sprained limbs to surgical incisions to concussion or stroke. Of course, keep in mind that Reiki is a complementary therapy—it is to be used along with appropriate medical care.

It’s best to receive Reiki treatment soon after an injury. As the days go by, energetic patterns become more ingrained in the body. Reiki can successfully treat old injuries, but more treatment is required to achieve results.

When we treat recent injuries, we focus treatment on the injured areas and also on the adrenal glands in order to calm the stress response. Most people find Reiki to be very relaxing and nurturing.

Reiki is method of balancing the body’s energies that focuses on connecting to positive universal energies. These universal energies interact with living cells in ways that balance and support the natural healing process. Reiki was developed in Japan and shares many features with other traditional East Asian healing practices.

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